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Someone smoking a cigarette.

Nicotine’s Appetite-Suppressing Effects Are Driven by the Gut Microbiota

In a new study, published in Scientific Reports, researchers from Kyoto University explored the role of nicotine on weight management through host metabolism and gut microbial metabolites.
Brain scans.

Brain Scans Can Predict Psychosis Before It Happens

Brain images from thousands of people worldwide have been used to create a machine learning-based classifier that could aid early psychosis diagnosis.
A woman holding a barbell above her head.

Resistance Exercise Training Can Help in the Treatment of Anxiety and Depression

A new study by researchers at University of Limerick has demonstrated the impact resistance exercise training can have in the treatment of anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Frozen Pollen Reveals the History of Canadian Forests

Snow isn’t the only thing carried in by air currents that swirl around the atmosphere, with microscopic pollen grains and pieces of ash mixing with snowfall and preserving records of the past in the ice.
Soil held in cupped hands.

US Soils Are Getting Wetter as Temperatures Rise

As temperatures rise due to human-caused climate change, some researchers are concerned that soils will dry, but soil moisture is actually increasing.
Breast cancer cells.

New Treatment Shows Promise for Breast Cancer Subtype

A research paper demonstrates that the drug enobosarm, a selective androgen receptor modulator which stimulates the male sex hormone receptor has anti-tumour effects in oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer patients.
Blood test vials held in a gloved hand.

Blood Test Could Predict Psychosis

Researchers have developed a breakthrough blood test that could predict schizophrenia and psychosis risk, as well as match patients to the right treatment.
A newborn baby is held.

Preterm Babies Show Different Patterns of Brain Connectivity

Preterm babies have different patterns of dynamic brain network connectivity, which were linked to developmental measures 18 months later.
A boy shouting into a microphone.

Lowering Your Voice Pitch Makes You More Appealing to Strangers

Modern voice preferences among wide cross-cultural sample clarifies evolutionary origins, with lower pitches seen as more attractive and formidable.
Treatment with ISRIB, a small molecule inhibitor of the integrated stress response, is cardioprotective against ponatinib.

Study Investigates Cancer Drug’s Deadly Side Effects on the Heart

For some leukemia patients, the only potential chemotherapy option is a drug that also carries a high risk of heart failure. This means that some patients who recover from their cancer will end up dying of heart disease brought on by the cure.